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If your heart has a tender spot for ginger babies… well, consider yourself warned.
There is so much ginger-haired sweetness in this post your heart just might burst!

Also, i just have to say that there is something so amazing about doing Lifestyle Newborn Photography in my client’s homes.

Pure magic happens in those early, sleep deprived days and I get to capture tiny glimpses of it as I document what life actually looks like with a new, sweet baby in the house.  Moments that may otherwise seem fuzzy in hindsight or forgotten altogether from sleepless nights and the cadence of new routines…
Like the pure joy that radiates from each family member towards this new little person they get to call their own, the sleepy cuddles, the ridiculously tiny but adorable diapers and outfits, the curious older siblings, the awe and admiration in a daddy’s eye and the breathtaking glow of a mother’s love.

These truly are a few of my favorite things and they were all a part of sweet Ethan’s newborn session, at home, surrounded by his beautiful and loving family.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography Waconia, MN

Lifestyle Newborn Photography Waconia, MN


Newborn Photography with Siblings Waconia

Because he was born at home, Ethan’s lovely midwives left batches of healing herbal sitz bath concentrate for he and his mama to use.  I’m so glad that she wanted these images captured during a beautiful and soothing Newborn Herbal Bath session together.

Newborn Herbal Bath Photographer Waconia, MN

Newborn Herbal Bath Session

Beautiful Newborn Herbal Bath Session Waconia, MN

Mommy and Baby Herbal Bath Session Waconia, MN

Oh, the radiance of a mother’s love for her baby!

Waconia, MN Lifestyle Newborn Photography

And teeny, tiny baby details…

Newborn Photographer Waconia, MN

I mean, just LOOK at that head of soft, gorgeous ginger hair!  **swoon!**

Waconia, MN Newborn Photographer

Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session Waconia, MN

Waconia, MN Lifestyle Newborn Photography

West Metro Minneapolis Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Carver County Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography Waconia, MN

Carver County Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Minneapolis Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

So much love for this little boy…

Waconia Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Waconia Newborn Photographer

Waconia Lifestyle Photography

West Metro Newborn Photography

Waconia Baby and Family Photographer

Waconia Baby Photographer

Waconia Lifestyle Baby Photographer

Baby Photographer Waconia, MN



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