The Homebirth of Jack | Sioux City Iowa Birth Photographer


In the early morning hours of May 2nd, I received a text from my good friend Stephanie from Peace, Love & Babies Childbirth Services that our mutual client was experiencing what she thought was true labor and I might want to start making my way over.  Stephanie had been hired to assist this mom and her husband as their Doula and I had been hired as their Birth Photographer.  There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline of getting that call in the middle of the night!

Soon I was out the door and headed over to their house, which thankfully was only about a mile away from my own.

When I first arrived, mom was beautifully working through contractions in the tub with her husband right by her side.  After just a few minutes of this, the standard bathtub just wasn’t cutting it and Stephanie and dad began to prepare the birth pool instead.

Not 10 minutes after mom got in she calmly whispered to her husband during one particularly peaceful contraction,

“The baby’s coming.”

To which her husband lovingly replied, “I know honey, you’re doing so well,” to which she (again…soo calmly) replied, “No….right now.”

Within minutes, baby Jack had made his entrance into the world!

We were all shocked when Sarah (their amazing midwife!) announced his weight: 10lbs, 2oz!!

It was so beautiful to watch this mama and her husband make such a wonderful team during her very short labor and I’m thrilled to share their amazing, fearless homebirth with you here….


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